As we explained it on this article about hospitality services, we are launching a partnership with VDA in order to be able to offer our customers a new service answering to their own customer’s needs.

An alternative to Swisscom hospitality services in Switzeland

As the incubent operator, Swisscom has been one of the first to offer hospitality television solutions in Switzerland. Our partner and supplier VDA is offering a new alternative to the actual solution. Indeed VDA is the supplier of more than 2000 customers worldwide and has an international knowledge about traveler’s needs.


VDA PowerTVPowerTV ONAIR is a Cloud television system made to enable TV on every devices you may need (phone, iPad, computer and TV of course).

PowerTV also gives you the oportunity to control real-time usage statistics and to update TV content (video, pictures…) anytime from the Web. A innovative way to communicate with your customers about information services, events, visits and even room services.

Moreover, this hospitality tv service is very easy to install.